Bag it Duluth
or the Love of Place!

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With our new growing season on its way, we have a few more farmers ready to use the land, and learn new skills.
Modeled after similar farm incubator, social enterprise organizations such as Intervale, Growing Farms is looking for volunteers and donations. If you have time, energy and/or wisdom that you'd like to share, please contact us!

For the Love of Place Bag-athon

Across the Twin Ports citizens are coming together to address our plastic problem and the climate crisis. Many have reached out to offer their skill and time to sew carry-out bags. This Earth Day, join them and Bag it Duluth in a Twin Ports wide
bag-athon. Together, in community, we will knit new relationships, sew reusable bags for our community and our love of place!  We hope you can join us for an hour or the the whole day!


Fabric Donations (Until April 17th) :

If you have clean pieces of fabric, we can put them to good use! We will be accepting thread and/or fabric donations of 1 yard or larger until April 17th. at the following locations:

Chester Creek Cafe, Whole Foods Co-op, Joann Fabric, Duluth Grill, Duluth Folk School, McTavish Quilting Studio, Adeline, Inc., and Hannah Johnson Fabrics & Sewing Studio.

April 20th Bag-athon!

Join us in observance of Earth Day to produce reusable bags to be given away at grocery stores and around the community at a later date! Fabric and thread will be provided for those who would like to participate, most spaces will have spare sewing machines, however, bringing your own equipment is encouraged! Finished bags can be dropped off at McTavish Quilting 1831 E. 8th Street, Duluth, MN 55802.


Sewing Centers:


Spark Works, 1832 W Superior St, Duluth, MN 55806

Contact: Kirsten, (218) 481-5058

Sewing hours: 10am-8pm, drop-ins welcome as there is plenty of space!


Hannah Fabrics, 4511 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55804

Contact: Janet, (218) 525-7800

Sewing hours: 10am-3pm, reservation preferred

AICHO, 202 W 2nd St, Duluth, MN 55802

Contact Mary: 218-251-3551

Sewing Hours: 11 AM - 4 PM


Sew Duluth (Duluth Folk School), 1917 W Superior St, Duluth, MN 55806

Contact: Alethea, (218) 310-6208

Sewing hours: 10AM-4PM, drop-ins welcome


Yarn Harbor, 4629 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55804

Contact: Kathy, (218) 724-6432

Sewing hours: ???, reservation required


If you would like to set up your own sewing team we have other spaces to be utilized. Or if you have your own location and would like to invite others, please let us know and we'll add your site to this list. Email us and we'll get right back!


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Bag Patterns:
Things to Keep in Mind!

There are literally hundreds of reusable bag patterns on the internet. We are suggesting this pattern as a good, simple, design.

Perhaps the most important consideration is strong handles! Loop them under the bag or double and triple sew to the bag.

Many people like a flat bottom, so that the bag can better accomodate boxes. The pattern above includes a flat bottom. but, if the design is to difficult feel free to use whatever pattern you can find, as long as it has strong handles!!